With celebrities continuing to be a heavy influence on so many industries in today’s world, it is not surprising to learn that they commonly reveal their favorite snack foods. Whether they get a photo taken by paparazzi while indulging in a snack or reveal what their favorite snacks are during an interview, celebrities have a profound impact on the industry. What type of snacks do some of the most well-known celebrities enjoy?

Selena Gomez
The young, up-and-coming singer has revealed in interviews that she has several favorite snacks in her home at all times. Beginning with pickles to satisfy her salty cravings, Gomez reveals that her next snack food is Flaming Hot Cheetos, and eats them often. Additionally, she disclosed that she typically ends with chocolate to wash down everything else.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen has become increasingly famous in recent years and is well-known for her best-selling cookbook. While the cookbook, “Cravings: Recipes For All The Food You Want To Eat”tend to focus on healthier options, Chrissy has discussed snacks that she cannot live without. In a recent interview, she explained that she would never give up Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, and Peanut M&Ms.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas is a singer that has made incredible headway in recent years through major movies like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.” While he maintains a very busy lifestyle, Jonas has expressed his love for food, particularly popcorn. Not only does he regularly eat popcorn, but he has taken it to the next level by adding Sriracha, giving the popular snack food a spicy twist.

Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games star has made a big name for herself in Hollywood, landing her roles in a variety of movies. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence revealed that her all-time favorite snack is Cool Ranch Doritos. While she says that she has tried to substitute the chips for snacks that are a bit healthier, she admits that she can’t stay away from the flavorful snack.