The warmer summer months have brought on an array of voluntary food recalls, and do not show signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future. As the US Food And Drug Administration continues to investigate the causes of various foods, it is important to know that the recalls include a mixture of foods that have verified illnesses, while some were voluntarily recalled after discovering the potential for illness. With this in mind, let’s examine some of the foods that are currently undergoing a recall in the United States.

McDonalds Salads
Since May 1st, 2018, cases of illness began to be reported to the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention across several states. As is the case with most food-borne illnesses, callers were reporting feeling moderate to severe flu-like symptoms. After receiving almost 400 cases across 15 states, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that all of the callers had consumed McDonald’s salads not long before symptoms began.

Upon further exploration, they also declared that the salads contained the cyclospora parasite, a food-borne illness that can resemble other types of food-borne illnesses and can last between several days and a couple months. To reduce the outbreak, McDonald’s has recalled any salads, but reports of illness have been reported with pre-packaged salads and wraps in grocery stores that use the same lettuce. While they are continuing to work on containing the outbreak, it is best to avoid anything with romaine lettuce until more information is available.

Raw Turkey
Not long after the recall for McDonald’s salads and grocery store salads and wraps was implemented, the CDC released a new recall of raw turkey, after receiving calls that consumers contracted salmonella. Unlike the scenario with the salads, the CDC still has not determined a specific company or manufacturer, so they have cautioned that all raw turkey poses a risk. With 90 reported illnesses across 26 states, the CDC continues to implement the recall to prevent additional cases of salmonella. Similar to the cyclospora parasite, those who are infected with salmonella can experience a range of flu-like symptoms, some of which can become severe. Until a better idea of the source is established, Americans should exercise caution with raw turkey.

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Cereal
In one of the more unusual cases of a voluntary recall in current events, Kellogg’s has implemented a recall of their popular Honey Smacks Cereal. After connecting 100 reports of salmonella across 33 states, the FDA has remained adamant that the cereal continues to be unsafe to consume, and should not be purchased from grocery stores right now. Unlike the cases with the raw turkey and romaine lettuce, Honey Smacks Cereal does not include the same typical properties, making it more difficult for investigators to determine how the outbreak originally began.

Closing Thoughts
While this list is only part of the voluntary recalls across the nation, it is important to know what foods are unsafe to consume. This can not only reduce the chance of becoming ill from one’s food, but can prevent family and friends with sensitive immune systems from contracting any illness as well.