As a new calendar year once again arrives in force, people everywhere will be looking for innovative snack ideas to fuel both their workouts and their lives in general. Here, without further ado, are just a few of the snack trends that are likely to break into the open in 2019.

Artisan-Style Chips
Kettle-cooked chips have found a market niche in recent years, and this is likely to continue in 2019. The major trend here is in the novel flavors making their debut. With everything from Buffalo Ranch to Sweet Chipotle expected to explode on the scene, snack enthusiasts can expect to choose from a range of kettle-cooked chip products with plenty of kick. Many of the newer varieties are cooked in rice bran oil, which is itself a hot snack trend.

Nuts of All Kinds
Given their healthy fat content and a large amount of protein, nuts are likely to continue trending upward in 2019. People who are tired of peanuts might branch out and try cashews, walnuts, pecans, and even chestnuts. Wasabi-flavored almonds have hit stores in recent years and have been popular with individuals who like spicy snacks. Roasted almonds with just a touch of brown sugar are also expected to be big in the new year. People who are looking for a healthy early afternoon snack that does not lead to a spike in blood pressure will surely want to give single-serving bags of nuts a try.

Vegan-Friendly Options
As more people continue to take an interest in veganism, there has been a corresponding call for vegan-friendly snacks. Vegan jerky offers a meat-like texture with plenty of fun flavors, which may include black pepper, maple, and Carolina barbecue. Vegan Cheddar Squares are now available as well. This product offers the same mellow cheese flavor without actually using any animal products. Individuals who are looking to impress vegan guests at a dinner party, on the other hand, might choose anything from sweet potato quesadillas to crispy tofu spring rolls.

Food enthusiasts will ultimately want to explore culinary ideas that they had previously not considered. By tapping into some of the great snack trends that are expected in 2019, people can satisfy their cravings while also developing a new list of wonderful foods that can be brought out at both formal and informal event.