Admittedly, most of the plans for Thanksgiving include everything up except plans for taking care of the turkey leftovers after the big meal. Once the Thanksgiving Day dinner is finished, it’s understood that leftovers will be around for the foreseeable future.

A New Take on Thanksgiving Leftovers
Anyone that has planned an elaborate meal for Thanksgiving Day knows the pain of trying to find new and interesting ways to use up their leftovers. Instead of struggling to find 100 new ways to remix turkey this year, the days after Thanksgiving should be spent making magic with the following recipes:

Leftover Turkey Bites
Who says that turkey can’t get a serious makeover? With this recipe for Turkey Bites, anyone that’s tired of their Thanksgiving turkey can rejoice in this new take on the holiday favorite. This recipe calls for the turkey to be wrapped in Gruy√®re cheese, mixed with mashed potatoes and stuffing, then formed into balls with a panko coating.

Turkey Soup
This take on Pot Pie Soup featuring Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers is a creamy blend of everyone’s favorite comfort foods. Featuring a tasty combination of the best veggies and tasty leftover turkey, this turkey soup is one of the best options for leftover turkey recipes.

Sweet Potatoes with Turkey Chili
The meat-and-potatoes of any turkey leftover meal, this Sweet Potato Turkey Chili is a creative way to blend spices, onions, black beans, and turkey into a very special and delicious take on chili.

Turkey Taquitos
Taquitos with turkey? While it may seem strange on paper, in reality, it is one of the best ways to use up the rest of the holiday turkey. To create this dish, take copious amounts of cheese, cream cheese, turkey and anything else. Next, place everything inside tiny tortillas and deep fry them to crispy perfection. To finish the dish, these taquitos, while tasty on their own, should be served with a side of dipping sauce for the full Turkey Taquito experience.

Fear the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers no more! With the right recipes, anything is possible. This holiday, be sure to try these four dishes to find new ways to make that Thanksgiving turkey just as tasty on day two.