While it is not a secret that many snack foods are not as nutritious as they could be, many people may not realize that there are just as many healthy snacks out there as well. For those who are watching what foods they eat, having a few healthy snacks on hand at alls time can prove to be highly beneficial. With that in mind, what are some of the best nutritious and filling snacks out there right now?

There is a large variety of notes out there, and for most of them, are also good for the body as well. Peanuts are one of the most common types of nuts, and while they are generally healthy, one needs to be careful with how many peanuts they consume each day. Peanuts contain healthy fats but should be eaten in moderation.

On the other hand are almonds, another popular snack. Unlike the peanuts, almonds do not contain a lot of fat, making it a great choice to keep on hand. Additionally, they are generally known to be filling. Cashews are also commonly eaten around the world. For times when you want a variety, mixed nuts are a great option, since they all provide different health benefits.

Hard-boiled Eggs
While they are required to stay cool before eating them, hard-boiled eggs are another easy snack that can keep you filled longer, while also providing healthy nutrients. Hard-boiled eggs are high in protein, meaning that they can help keep you filled for longer periods of time without sacrificing health.

Vegetable Baked Chips
While this snack requires actual preparation time on your end, it can serve as a very healthy and filling snack. Using a vegetable like zucchini, layer the vegetable with breadcrumbs, and bake. The simple recipe can provide a nutritious, filling snack without sacrificing taste. If you are not a big fan of zucchinis, make sure to check out other options for the base vegetable.

By making small changes like what snacks you carry on-hand, you may find that you are fuller longer, and have more energy overall as a result of the healthy options.